Shelly Palmer

MediaBytes – 05/18/07

FAIR ISAAC released a study claiming that 10-15% of Internet ad clicks may be fraudulent. Two possible causes were cited: generating increased commissions and draining a competitor’s budget by repeatedly clicking on its ads.

WPP will acquire 24/7 REAL MEDIA for over $600 Million. 24/7 distributes online advertising.

CW announced a new option for advertisers: Cwikies. These 5-second ads will be sold in groups of 3, and are intended to combat ad-skipping. CW will also launch a half-hour entertainment news show that has no traditional commercial breaks — just product placement and advertiser-sponsored features.

MSNBC has started an incredibly unique, interactive marketing campaign. In select movie theaters, before the feature film, a game called NewsBreaker Live appears on the screen. Audiences move their hands in the air to collectively control the on-screen paddle. Motion detectors translate the movement into game control.

APPLE‘s iPhone received regulatory approval from the FCC. It is expected to be released in June.