Shelly Palmer

MediaBytes – 06/04/07

HEARST-ARGYLE TELEVISION has signed a revenue-sharing deal with YOUTUBE. Hearst-Argyle will post local video content from its 26 television stations on the video site, and profit from advertising. This is the first time YouTube has made an agreement with local TV. Five stations will begin posting content today.

NBC Universal appointed Katherine Pope as President of NBC Universal Television, its television production studio. Katherine stated that the future of the business requires “new avenues of distribution and the necessity to think globally about our content.”

GOOGLE will begin brokering ads for GLAM MEDIA’s web properties. Glam has over 300 sites and blogs, which are seen by 12 million US visitors every month. Google will sell video, banner and text ads for the sites.

APPLE has officially announced the release date of the iPhone. The highly-anticipated handheld device will hit stores on June 29th. The news was first revealed on commercials that aired Sunday night.

AMP’D MOBILE has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, initiating a plan to reorganize and refinance the company. The MVNO, which offers multimedia content on its mobile devices, has been growing rapidly. Service will not be interrupted.