GOOGLE has added Placement Performance reports to AdWords, allowing advertisers to track the success of campaigns on specific sites in the Google Content Network. The addition came in response to advertiser requests for transparency and control over ad placement, and will allow advertisers to easily identify responsive audiences.

BLOCKBUSTER has cut prices for its online movie rental service, heightening its showdown with the popular NETFLIX DVD-by-mail service. Blockbuster’s new price plans undercut Netflix prices by $1 per month, and could threaten short-term profitability.

APPLE is expected to announce a new deal that integrates iTunes with BEBO, the popular social-networking site. Users will be able to purchase iTunes tracks directly from profiles for the 500,000 musical groups listed on Bebo. The deal will initially be restricted to users in the UK and Ireland.

COMSCORE released new data that tracks the performance of internet “widgets.” In April, over 177 million unique users viewed a widget. Such wide distribution may make widgets desirable advertising vehicles. However, a major challenge exists: most widgets are viewed on social networking sites, such as MySpace, that restrict third-party advertising.

HBO announced a major HD initiative. The premium channel has committed to making all 26 of its program feeds available in 1080i HDTV. The expansion should be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2008.

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