NBC UNIVERSAL will shutdown NBBC, and merge its intended features into “NewSite,” the tentitive name for the new venture with News Corp. NBBC allowed content owners to upload videos for web syndication, and was expected to launch later this year. It had signed around 150 partners, including A&E and CNET. However, NBCU contacted the partners yesterday to inform them that NBBC was being canceled, and that its services would be rolled into NewSite.

SONY is partnering with NIELSEN to track in-game advertising and media usage on the Playstation 3. Nielsen will use the data for its forthcoming GamePlay Metrics, and hopes to give clients a better understanding of advertising in games. Sony may be looking to launch its own in-game ad network.

NBC has commissioned a series of experiments intended to measure the emotional engagement of viewers watching commercials in fast-forward. The experiments track breathing rates, skin conductance, and a variety of physical factors. NBC is hoping to learn more about how viewers react to the ads, so that it can help advertisers create spots that stand out at rapid speeds.

COMCAST is “very close” to starting DOCSIS 3 equipment trials. The cable operator plans a gradual shift that ensures backward-compatibility with existing cable-modems. However, Comcast won’t say exactly when the new “wideband” service will debut. They are also waiting to see how the market prices the new DOCSIS 3 capabilities, before announcing specific services and pricing.

THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION is increasing its pressure on Hollywood, in its ongoing investigation of anticompetitive practices involving the Blu-ray high-def format. The Commission is seeking emails and telephone records relating to studio decisions to back Blu-ray. Currently, every Hollywood studio except Universal Pictures backs the format. The HD DVD camp has lobbied the Commission to investigate.

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