VERIZON is partnering with VEOH to bring user-generated clips to cellphones, FiOS TVs, and Verizon’s broadband site. In exchange, Verizon will advertise on VeohTV, the planned online video aggregator. A Veoh channel will launch on Verizon’s V-Cast sometime this week.

THE NHL has signed a deal with NEULION to stream live, ad-free games over the Internet. A package of out-of-market games will cost $15 per night, or $169 for the entire season. The service will launch next season, under the name “Center Ice.”

HEAVY.COM will launch sequential advertising — offering advertisers the ability to run a continuous narrative in a series of spots during a content block. Mike’s Hard Lemonade will be one of the first sequential advertisers. The content will not contain product placement on launch, but the site plans to work with advertisers in the future to blur the lines between content and advertising.

SPRINT NEXTEL and CLEARWIRE are partnering to provide roaming services to each other’s WiMax customers. The deal would allow both companies to offer nationwide WiMax coverage, much faster than would otherwise be possible. Sprint plans an extensive WiMax roll-out next year.

THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION has decided to back a mobile TV standard led by NOKIA. The commission is supporting DVB-H, or “digital video broadcast handheld,” hoping that it will help spur the growth of mobile video. It is currently the most popular standard in Europe.

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