GOOGLE plans to participate in the upcoming auction for the 700 MHz wireless spectrum, provided the FCC adopts certain auction requirements. Google pledged to spend up to $4.6 Billion on spectrum if the auction rules require that winners allow open access to compatible wireless devices. In addition, Google wants auction winners to be required to resell spectrum on a wholesale basis to companies offering wireless services.

CNN and YOUTUBE will host tonight’s user-generated Democratic debate, featuring 8 presidential candidates. Over 2,000 video questions have been submitted to YouTube for consideration. CNN will filter the submissions down to a few dozen, which will be projected for candidates to view during the debate. A similar Republican debate is scheduled for September 17.

A&E has partnered with VISIBLE WORLD to deliver customizable, targeted ads for The History Channel and A&E Network. Using Visible World technology, ads can be changed on-the-fly and dynamically altered for demographic, context, and geographic location. Almost any aspect of the spot can be changed, offering advertisers a high level of creative flexibility and increased relevance.

SAMSUNG has revealed its plans for a digital-to-analog converter, which will be required for analog TVs once the analog spectrum shuts down. The company plans to introduce a converter via online retail channels for $75, and reduce the price in two $10 increments as the digital deadline approaches. LG will offer a box for around $60.

AMP’D MOBILE faces bankruptcy, and is expected to shutdown on Tuesday. The MVNO has operated on Verizon’s network, focusing on phone service with multimedia content. The company is looking to be purchased, but has not yet found a buyer. On Saturday, Amp’d sent text messages to customers, informing them of the pending closure.

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