CABLELABS has approved a new technical standard for IP video, in conjunction with major movie studios and consumer-electronics makers. It brings together Paramount, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Hitachi, Intel, Panasonic, and Toshiba. The specification will allow set-top boxes and other devices to transfer cable signals throughout home networks, and should spur growth of related products.

TIME WARNER CABLE and CISCO are teaming up to create a new web site designed to educate consumers on HDTV. The site will explain the basics of HDTV, and provide recommendations on which sets to purchase. It also makes a point of pushing cable HD over satellite HD. Time Warner hopes to convince users of the superiority of cable, and Cisco believes educating consumers about HD will help boast its home-networking business. will offer a free glimpse of its subscription service on August 26. The site will offer a free webcast of the Yankees – Rangers game, a rematch of last year’s American League Division Series. The game will mark the first time the site has ever shown an entire game for free. It marks the 5th anniversary of’s wildly successful subscription-based streaming.

GOOGLE has seen a major increase in traffic for its mobile applications this summer, a strong indication that mobile web surfing is gaining momentum. The company has seen mobile email and mobile searches increase by 35 percent. Mobile Google maps use jumped 40 to 50 percent following the introduction of the Apple iPhone. Overall mobile traffic is remaining high through August — a time that, in the past, has suffered a summer slump.

MICROSOFT and LIMELIGHT have entered into a new multi-year technology agreement. Limelight will provide media streaming and content delivery for Microsoft, and help improve the reliability of its online services. Other Limelight customers include Facebook, News Corp., and MySpace.

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