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Watch Shelly’s commentary on YAHOO’s (NASD: YHOO) executive exodus and it’s potential impact on the search business.

MOZILLA released its new FIREFOX 3.0 browser the other day to record downloads. The browser was downloaded 8,290, 545 times in 24 hours.

LIVE NATION (NYSE: LYV) is negotiating the release of Chairman Michael Cohl. Internal feud between Cohl and other executives over all inclusive 360 deals have been public for weeks and have only fueled animosity. Cohl, a believer in the 360 deal, was actively seeking to expand Live Nations 360 roster, while the board wanted to slow its growth after excessively large deals with Madonna, Jay-Z and U2, among others.

The FCC has given SPRINT NEXTEL (NYSE:S) a break over vacating their 800MHz band. Sprint, who had been running part of their wireless network on wireless band reserved for public safety communications was ordered three years ago that they must move their operation. After restructuring a deal with the FCC, Sprint was allowed to continue to use a small portion of the space, which was segregated for them. Sprint will be forced to completely vacate the premises by July 1, 2009.

As reported, CARL ICAHN’s Icahn Report launched yesterday and the blog finds Icahn to be much like many other bloggers; angry. The activist investors goal is simple: “to expose the worst of corporate America.” With posts like “About CEOs…Survival of the Unfittest” and the “Absurdity of Corporate Board Elections”, Icahn probably isn’t going to be making any new executive friends in the future.

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"2008 06-20 MediaBytes: YAHOO – FIREFOX – LIVE NATION – FCC – SPRINT – ICAHN" by @ShellyPalmer

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