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Read Shelly’s open letter to Senator Barack Obama entitled “Please Don’t Trade Space Exploration For Education” on the blog.

Watch Shelly’s commentary on GOOGLE’s (NASD: GOOG) Android mobile platform, which has been pushed back to a fourth quarter release.

MICROSOFT (NASD: MSFT) has been ordered to pay ALCATEL-LUCENT (NYSE: ALU) $512 million for patent infringements. The legal battle, which has been raging for 5 years, was over Microsoft’s violation of patents held by Alcatel-Lucent used in software and stylus tablet computers. Microsoft plans to appeal the decision.

comScore (NASD: SCOR) reports that online video viewing has stayed rather flat so far this year. However, while the number of videos being watched is only slightly higher, the amount of time people spend watching viral videos has jumped 44.3%.

The FCC will auction off free wireless spectrum this week. The deal, which includes a provision that will filter out obscene content, could potentially provide wireless broadband access to half the country by 2012.

Comedian George Carlin passed away Sunday. The 71 year old comic known for his irreverent humor was famous for his infamous “7 Dirty Words”.

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