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Read Shelly’s commentary on APPLE’s (NASD: AAPL) recent woes and the future of its brand on the blog.

Watch Shelly’s commentary on NBC’s (NYSE: GE) failure to successfully monetize online video.

NBCOlympics.com received over 1.2 billion hits, and 72 million video streams through Saturday. While NBC used exclusive video rights to take in 4.3 million uniques a day, YAHOO (NASD: YHOO) took advantage of broader, more traditional avenues to draw 4.7 million uniques a day. Expect these numbers to skyrocket at the next games.

OBAMA’S running mate has sketchy tech past. JOE BIDEN, whose anti-privacy legislation help create the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), received a low score of 37.5% from the CNET (NYSE: VIA.B) Technology Voter Guide of 2006. Biden has been instrumental in protecting the RIAA and MPAA and going after P2P networks, including recently proposing to use $1 billion tax dollars to police P2P networks.

FACEBOOK is launching Engagement Ads which encourage users to connect with brands and share them with friends. Facebook VP of Media Sales Mike Murphy believes that the reason social network as have been unsuccessful is because users don’t want to be pulled or taken away from their networks. Facebook’s goal is to create “ad products that users can interact with in the same way they do with other things on Facebook.”

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"Are Apple's Problems Bad to the Core?: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer August 25, 2008" by @ShellyPalmer

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