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Watch Shelly’s commentary on NBC (NYSE: GE) scoring 200 million Olympic viewers and ESPN (NYSE: DIS) trying to acquire future Olympic coverage.

EBAY (NAS: EBAY) will announce that it will cut its upfront listing fees by as much as 75%. The goal is to shift its business from auction style to more of a fixed rate, buy-it-now platform. eBay believes that by cutting the cost of fees they can increase the amount of inventory, which is linked directly to revenue.

APPLE (NASD: AAPL) is admitting the iPod nano is susceptible to smoking and sparking. Apple believes the reason for the media player overheating is its battery. Apple will replace any first generation iPod nano’s, as well as MacBook and MacBook Pro MagSafe power cords, which have been known to melt and rip.

TREMOR MEDIA, an video advertising network, announced that 80% of its users watch pre-roll ads in full. Tremor’s figures suggest that the “completion rate” for both 15 second and 30 second spots were practically identical. While the data keeps rolling in, Tremor’s stats imply that viewers have no problem watching a short advertisement before enjoying a bit of online video.

CHRIS RUSSO, aka the Mad Dog, has signed a reported five-year, $15 million contract with SIRIUS XM RADIO (NASD: SIRI). The Mad Dog, who just last week left his job as host of NY’s WFAN “Mike and the Mad Dog” show, will begin broadcasting on satellite radio on September 15. Mad Dog’s new talk show will be the first original show available to both SIRIUS and XM subscribers.

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"NBC Scores 200 Million Olympic Viewers: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer August 20, 2008" by @ShellyPalmer

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