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Watch Shelly’s commentary on T-MOBILE releasing the G1, GOOGLE’s (NASD: GOOG) first Android phone.

APPLE’s(NASD: AAPL) 3G iPhone has now outsold its predecessor. Despite 3G issues and a class action lawsuit looming, Apple has managed to sell 6 million 3G iPhones worldwide in just seven weeks. Comparatively, it took the first generation iPhone nearly a year to sell 6 million units.

Hollywood Studios are joining together to launch “OPEN MARKET”, an initiative aimed at saving DRM. First proposed by SONY PICTURES, Open Market, which will set policy rules and software and service platforms that will allow interoperability for digital downloads, will be supported by FOX (NYSE: NEWS), PARAMOUNT, UNIVERSAL and TIME WARNER (NYSE: TWX). On the retail side Open Market will be supported by AMAZON (NASD: AMZN), TARGET (NYSE: TGT), WALMART (NYSE: WMT), COMCAST (NYSE: CMCSK), MOVIELINK and CINEMANOW. Open Market will rely on a neutral third party to manage device registrations and movie purchases/rentals to ensure interoperability.

According to Mark Zuckerburg’s status, FACEBOOK now has 100 million users. While MYSPACE (NYSE: NEWS) supposedly hit 100 million two years ago, the number was marred by inactive accounts. Through steady but rapid growth, Facebook has been able to amass a loyal and active user network, which they hope to monetize.

Research group BANGO believes that by the end of the month the U.S. will surpass the U.K. in mobile web usage. In July, the U.K. held 19.4% of the worldwide mobile web market, with the U.S. comprising 18.9 %. However, in recent weeks, partially due to the success of the 3G iPhone, web usage in the U.S. has skyrocketed to comprise approximately 23% of the worldwide mobile web usage.

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"T-MOBILE's G1 Will Be First Google Android Phone: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer August 27, 2008" by @ShellyPalmer

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