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Watch Shelly’s commentary on TiVO’s (NASD: TIVO) data which says 57% of users are watching time shifted television and 66% of viewers are skipping commercials.

YAHOO (NASD: YHOO) will hold its annual stock holder meeting today. The meeting, which was postponed during the Micro-hoo, Icahn dilemma, will focus on how Yahoo can boost its revenue and grow as a company. Yahoo is hoping that increasing the cost of ad spots on its main page will help generate revenue.

CBS (NYSE: VIA) head Les Moonves is projecting that CBS could generate a billion dollars in revenue from its purchase of CNET. Moonves was quoted as saying “The stated goal is to reach $1 billion in revenue in the next three years, from the mid-$600 million this year.”

IBM (NYSE: IBM) will build a new cloud computing data center. IBM will spend $360 million to build a data center in Research Triangle Park, NC. The center will focus on cloud computing services for corporate clients.

CABLEVISION’s (NYSE: CVC) earnings are down, though better than expected. James Dolan announced that Cablevision earned $98.3 million in the quarter, compared to $314.7 million a year ago. However, Cablevision’s revenue rose 9%, aided by rate increases and gains in its digital video, high-speed Internet, phone and business services.

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"TiVO Says 66% of Users Skip Commercials: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer August 1, 2008" by @ShellyPalmer

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