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Watch Shelly’s commentary on the financial bailout and how Hollywood may benefit from the revised bill.

MICROSOFT is challenging GOOGLE’s search dominance by establishing three new search technology centers in Europe. Microsoft, who believes Europe is the key to cracking the $40 billion search-market, will set up shop in Paris, London and Munich. The development of new search-centers could mean that Redmond is completely over YAHOO, whom it had tried to acquire specifically to out search Google.

HEWLETT-PACKARD plans to released a smart phone aimed at consumers. The company, who currently has mobile devices aimed toward corporate clients, is hoping to crack the consumer smart phone market with a device that will run on MICROSOFT’s Windows Mobile operating system. The smart phone will debut in Europe this fall before worldwide rollout happens in 2009.

Today’s consulting question comes from Jeanette D., a musician from Chicago. Jeanette asks,
“How come the Copyright Royalty Board didn’t raise Mechanical Royalties?”
Digital retailers wanted to float songwriter’s revenue as a function of wholesale pricing. Publishers wanted an increase. The CRB preserved the 9.1 cent per song mechanical royalty for physical and digital media and added an astounding 24 cent royalty for ring tones

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"Financial Bailout Aids Hollywood Producers: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer October 3, 2008" by @ShellyPalmer

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