Shelly Palmer

Facebook, Nielsen Partnering to Measure Ad Value: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer September 22, 2009

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Facebook announced plans to partner with Nielsen on a web advertising measurement project. The venture will allow Facebook advertisers who work with Nielsen on analytics the ability to measure the direct impact of their ads on the social network. Facebook hopes the venture will prove to advertisers that users on the social network are engaged with ad content.

For the first time in its history, the New York Times has licensed its real-time news feed. While the Times has been available for free through RSS, the move will provide the fledgling company some much needed income by licensing its content to Bloomberg Terminals. The licensing deal also makes sense for Bloomberg, which costs approximately $1,600, to give its customers access to every piece of major news content possible, especially as it competes with RSS.

While telecoms are sure to have some problems with the FCC’s outline of net neutrality laws, NBCU CEO Jeff Zucker couldn’t be happier. Zucker wholeheartedly supports the plan, which would discern a clear division between legal and illegal content. Zucker noted “Chairman Genachowski articulated a balanced vision of the future of broadband, and we applaud his recognition that the twin goals of insuring open access and eliminating digital theft can–and must–be realized in tandem.”

Dell is set to acquire Perot Systems, Ross Perot’s computer company, for $3.9 billion. Dell hopes that Perot systems, which deals mainly with IT services for the health care industry, will prove a good investment as President Obama’s plans to digitize health records comes to fruition. The acquisition could also provide a fitting gateway for Dell to move into the data center business.

The Sunday Night Football game between the New York Football Giants and the Dallas Cowboys earned the highest rating for the show in its history, garnering a 16.5 rating/ 27 share. While the NFL game may have received 25 million total viewers, the Primetime Emmy Awards were watched by 13.3 million viewers, a 10% increase over last year. 44.5 million viewers tuning in to watch Sunday night television on broadcast networks is proof that Television is still the dominant medium for viewing content in the home.