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Starbucks is using the iPhone application store to get creative. The coffee chain’s test of the mobile Starbucks card will allow customers to pay with their iPhones. Starbucks is currently testing the app at West Coast locations, where a barcode inside the application, along with a small scanning function will pay for your Latte or Frappachino.

The SEC is accusing an employee who knew of the Perot System’s deal with Dell of insider trading. The report claims that Reza Saleh, who worked at Parkcentral Capital Management, a Perot company, sold shares of the systems company before the announcement of the acquisition, with prior knowledge of the purchase. Saleh reportedly earned $8.6 million on the sale of his company stock.

The organization that oversees standards for USB capable devices ruled that Apple did not violate any rule by not allowing iTunes to sync on Palm devices. Rather, the USB Implementers Forum, ruled that Palm’s use of Apple’s software is in direct violation of the USB Implementers Forum code. Noted the letter sent to Palm, “Under the policy, Palm may only use the single Vendor ID issued to Palm for Palm’s usage. Usage of any other company’s Vendor ID is specifically precluded.”

Google rolled out a new application yesterday that allows users to leave notes along on the side of websites. Google hopes the Sidewiki app will help in annotating web sites, and specific pages, noting factual errors, as well as leaving additional info about the topic. As always, Google will use one of its patented algorithms to monitor the application and make sure comments left are not simply spam ads.

After an eleven month period of non-acquisition, Google is set to begin acquiring a new company every month. CEO Eric Schmidt noted the company’s recent purchases of On2 and reCaptcha, and said that “Acquisitions are turned on again at Google and we are doing our normal maneuvers, which is small companies.” Schmidt’s words should provide solace to struggling start-ups wondering when corporations will come calling.

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