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The new music video site Vevo is set to launch today. Founded by Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, the venture, which hopes to revitalize the music industry by taking control of music videos on the web, finally got EMI to agree to join the service, which will significantly increase its content. While Vevo is still in talks with Warner Bros, it will roll out its service today, powered by youTube.

Pandora is making moves to bring its streaming radio service inside cars. While Pandora first hopes to equip users with the ability to control the service through the dashboard of their car, while streaming through smart phones, the company eventually hopes to simply bundle Wi-Fi enabled cars with Pandora. The company is working with a variety of car makers to include Pandora in the dashboard controls, as almost 50% of current mobile Pandora users are listening in the car via smart phone.

After almost two months on the market, Microsoft is reportedly getting rid of the Windows 7 Family Pack. The bundled version of Windows 7, previously available for only $150, will now cost $360 dollars. While the deal was for a limited time only, the higher cost of the upgrade could turn off a lot of consumers who hadn’t yet updated their operating system.

Google unveiled a string of new tools today to help users get the most out of its search service. One of the most significant features allows users to get search queries from a picture. Google will also begin adding real-time streaming results to search queries, which would constantly update Google as to any news or additional information expunged on a certain keyword.

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