Shelly Palmer

Apple Ending iPhone Exclusivity Deal with AT&T : MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer January 25, 2010

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Apple is reportedly ending its iPhone exclusivity deal with AT&T this week. The rumored move may happen at the creative event in which Apple will most likely unveil its tablet computer. While AT&T may lose its exclusive deal, its yet to have been determined which networks the iPhone may be available on.

In other Apple news, the company may soon be rolling out a solar powered iPod. According to a recently published patent, the green iPod could be powered by both electricity and solar power. While the regular battery would fuel the device, a solar power cell would activate when the battery was running low, effectively powering the iPod for a longer period of time.

Nasa recently sent the first tweet from outer space. The message was posted Friday from the International Space Station, where NASA engineer T.J. Creamer tweeted โ€œHello Twitterverse! We r now LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station โ€” the 1st live tweet from Space! ๐Ÿ™‚ More soon, send your ?s.โ€ The new web connected international space station brings unparalleled connectivity between Earth and the far reaches of our ever expanding galaxy.