In the two days since it launched Google Buzz has had over 9 million posts. While Google is boasting that over 10 million users have already started using Buzz, many have been critical about how Buzz is integrated into their digital lives. In response, Google is working on upgrading Buzz to include a following page, as well as another new feature that allows users to easily block a follower.

eBook readers are up in arms over the potential price increase for electronic books. The five dollar price hike may further alienate readers who are already up in arms about eBooks hitting Amazon weeks after they are available in retail stores. The price increase may also negatively effect the the increasing market, which is expected to take off after the release of the iPad.

The new version of Mac Office is the first to include Microsoft Outlook. The move comes just as Microsoft sheds its Entourage email client. Mac Office 2011 is expected to arrive in stores later this year.

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"Is Google Buzz Annoying GMail Users? : MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer February 12, 2010" by @ShellyPalmer

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