iPhone Users Have More Sex
According to a new study from the dating site OKCupid, iPhone owners have more sex than BlackBerry and Android users. The results showed that women who use an iPhone have twice as many sexual partners as their Android counterparts. OKCupid surveyed nearly 10,000 smartphone users for their analysis.

Winning Streak for Dell?
The Dell Streak will go on sale this week at AT&T. The Streak is a cross between a tablet computer and a smartphone, and with a 5-inch screen, it is about half the size of an iPad. Running the Android operating system, the Streak can make and receive telephone calls. It’s available for $300 with a new two-year contract or $500 without a contract.

Sophisticated Trojan on the Loose
The Zeus3 trojan is responsible for stealing $1 million from approximately 3,000 bank accounts around the world. The malware is very sophisticated and can’t be detected on your machine. After clearing out your bank account the Trojan enacts a fake bank statement page, making it look like you still have all of your funds.

A Tweet Never Dies
Who owns the Twitter accounts of the deceased? Twitter‘s new policy allows family members of the deceased to either deactivate the user’s account or provide an archive of the user’s tweets that the family can access offline.

Shelly Palmer Interviews Samsung’s Kris Narayanan

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