Is Twitter A Waste Of Time?
A recent study from Sysomos, a company that makes analytics tools for social media, looked at the number of tweets made over a two month period and found that of the 1.2 billion tweets posted on Twitter, 71 percent were not re-tweeted or replied to by other users.  What does this mean? Is Twitter really a conversation or just a lot of noise?

Facebook & Skype Partner To Enhance Communication
Facebook and Skype are reportedly teaming up to integrate SMS, voice chat and Facebook Connect across their respective platforms. This is a significant move as Facebook looks to position itself as a central communication tool for users across various media platforms.

eBooks Make Reading More Desirable to Kids
Could eBooks inspire more kids to put down their cell phone and start reading? Scholastic and the Harrison Group polled 1000 children regarding their reading preferences. They found that 57 percent of kids would be interested in reading an eBook, and one-third of kids said they’d read more books for fun if they had an eBook. The study also found that 25 percent of kids considered text messages reading.

Malicious LinkedIn Requests Cause Harm
A recent cyber attack targeted LinkedIn users. The attack worked by sending LinkedIn users a request to connect via email. When a user clicked on the link they were taken to another site that looked harmless, but actually infected their computer with a Zeus Trojan. A Zeus Trojan can steal any information a user puts into a Web form, like passwords and bank account information.

Google Tips — Google Analytics

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"Is Twitter A Waste Of Time?" by @ShellyPalmer

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