U.S. Army To Arm Troops, With Smartphones
The U.S. Army wants to better equip troops, with the help of smartphones. The Army’s Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program is being developed to help provide ground troops with better information. One of the goals is to stream video surveillance taken from the air directly to a soldier’s phone. Companies are currently working to develop the small and secure 4G networks essential to making the project a reality.

Android Reaches 100,000 Apps
Google announced its Android platform now has over 100,000 apps. While the Android Marketplace for apps has shown tremendous growth, it is still trailing Apple which has an estimated 280,000 apps. However, it may not be long before Android overtakes Apple for the lead, as more developers are starting to make apps for Android devices.

Technology Ruins Snow Days in Ohio
As a child there is nothing better than a “snow day,” but some kids in Ohio will no longer know the joys of spontaneously getting to the day off from school. Starting this winter the Drake County school district will require kids to attend class via the Internet if weather conditions prevent schools from being in session. Ouch!

Google Donates $5 Million To Improve News Services
Google donated $5 million in grants to non-profit organizations, “to encourage innovation in digital journalism.” As news organizations and individuals continue to expand and share news online, Google aims to find new and creative ways of presenting information online. In addition, Google hopes the donation will allow the company to develop better news products for its users.

Shelly Palmer Interviews Execs About MasterCard Marketplace

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