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Video game consoles are not just for kids anymore. Nintendo’s Wii console is famous for it’s wand controller, casual games and Wii Fit, a very popular home fitness system. Xbox 360 has a remarkable new controller called Kinect. There are games for dancers and games for racers. There are games for animal lovers and games for treasure hunters. Kinect is special because it’s designed to get you off the couch and into the game. Not to be outdone, Sony’s Playstation 3 now features its own version of a motion sensing controller called Move and, of course, Playstations come with a built in Blu-Ray DVD player. Remember, some video games like the Xbox’s famous Halo series, are exclusive to one platform. So make sure you know which games are important to you. Also, to get the most out of any game console, you’ll want to connect it to the Internet. Games aren’t just for kids anymore – a game console makes a great family gift.

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