Shelly Palmer Radio Report – December 15, 2010

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An FBI memo reveals just how much damage cyber-attacks cause, citing a 2005 infection of Google server’s with the malicious Santy worm. Google spent over $500,000 on labor and lost revenues fighting the attack and bounced back, but would a smaller company be able to withstand the same force? In other news, Comcast is conducting a small test of set-top boxes that will merge cable connectivity and streaming web content, not unlike popular devices Slingbox and Roku. With the lines blurring between what we view on our television versus the computer, Comcast’s test service may prove to be the future in cable television consumption. And finally, ArmyTimes reports that the Army is considering giving its members smartphones. Instead of checking Facebook statuses, the phones will tap into the Army’s private network and allow for instantaneous battleground updates. While there are no definite plans for iPhone deployments, Army leaders state that using this technology “just works,” assuming they buy a plastic bumper.

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