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Internet monitoring company Pingdom analyzed numerous reports to figure out how users spent their time online in 2010. 1.97 billion worldwide users sent over 107 trillion messages, 360 billion items on Facebook and watched over 730 billion videos on Youtube. Social media is only getting bigger, and so will these numbers. In other news, Microsoft’s Xbox and Kinect will see shortages in the next two months. Demand for the units was plentiful, with 1.9 million Xboxes sold in December, but the production shortages stopped them from surpassing Nintendo Wii’s 2.3 million units. Consoles are facing declining sales in the past two years, but accessories like the Kinect are making up for the losses. And finally, Engadget.com reports that reliable sources have given them previously unknown information about the iPad 2. It will have a higher-resolution screen, front and rear-facing cameras and an SD card slot. While the device will have new Qualcomm chipsets, Engadget doesn’t expect a USB port any time soon.

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