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Fox 5 New York (WNYW-TV) – Technology expert Shelly Palmer brings you the digital news you need to know and the tech tools that will make your life a little easier. Here’s a rundown:

Cool apps: The free app that will have you snapping photos to save cash. The free app that brings virtual shopping to life and lets you see it on before you buy it.

High-tech credit cards: Credit cards are charging into the future, the new plastic is wired to protect you from crooks, and forget cash or charge how about paying with points anywhere you shop.

High-tech medicine: Get your kids out of braces faster then ever with the helping hand of a robot!

GPS brain drain: Can your GPS navigator really shrink your brain? Experts say it’s possible — but why?

Techno babble quiz: You’ve probably seen the abbreviation a hundred times this week alone, but does anyone really know what https stands for?

Dirty tech: From taxis, to the subway, even in your pocket touch screens are everywhere, but do you know what may be festering where you put your finger?

Tips and tricks: The quick tips to making your online search for a great new recipe easier and more effective then ever.

What is 4G? It’s the next generation cellular network that carriers are making a huge deal over, but what is 4G and how does it change things for you? Dan Samberg from Verizon Wireless has some answers.

Original airdate: March 25, 2011 10:30p ET.

Shelly Palmer Digital Living on Fox 5

About Shelly Palmer

Named one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Technology, Shelly Palmer is CEO of The Palmer Group, a strategy, design and engineering firm focused at the nexus of technology, media and marketing. He is Fox 5 New York's on-air tech and digital media expert, writes a weekly column for Adweek, and is a regular commentator on CNN and CNBC. Follow @shellypalmer or visit or subscribe to our daily email

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