Condé Nast to Begin Rollout of Digital Edition Distribution, Exposure and Engagement Metrics to Advertisers Beginning in Fall

New York, July 21, 2011– Condé Nast and Adobe revealed an ongoing collaboration to define and deliver a new set of audience metrics for publishers and advertisers that could become standards for magazine digital editions, today at a briefing held at Condé Nast headquarters for key advertisers. Condé Nast also announced that beginning in Fall and rolling out through the first half of 2012, it will begin providing these metrics to clients, offering insights into distribution of digital editions, levels of exposure within those editions and audience engagement.

Additionally, the presentation advised advertisers that despite tablets being a digital medium, initial data suggests that consumer behavior is very different than what is experienced on the web and will require its own distinct set of metrics.

“We’ve learned a lot from our work with the Omniture team,” said Scott McDonald, senior vice president for research and insights at Condé Nast. “Though it’s still early, our data suggests that reading behaviors with digital editions seem to more closely follow those associated with printed magazines. While this could evolve, it currently indicates that consumption is very different from the consumer’s fragmented and short-duration reading on websites.”

“The collaboration between Condé Nast and Adobe brings together the leader in rolling out digital magazines and the leader in online analytics and digital marketing,” said Aseem Chandra, vice president of product marketing, Omniture Business Unit, Adobe. “We are working closely together to identify the most relevant metrics that advertisers and publishers can use and trust during the media planning, buying and selling process for digital magazines.”

“We’ve said from the onset that we’re committed to providing our advertising partners with the information they need to make educated decisions as it pertains to their marketing strategies,” said Lou Cona, chief marketing officer at Condé Nast. “As part of that commitment, Condé Nast will be adding digital edition subscriptions to its first-half circulation reports for ABC Statements being released in August.”

Digital Edition Metrics to be rolled out beginning in Fall

  • Total Digital Edition Circulation = Single Copy Sales + Digital Subscribers + Authenticated Readers
  • Total Issue Readers = Total number of readers that have accessed the digital edition at least once
  • Total Ad Readers  = Total number of digital edition readers that have looked at each ad at least once
  • Total Number of Exposures per Ad = Total number of times an ad in a digital edition was viewed
  • Average Reading Sessions per Reader = Average number of times readers return to a specific issue
  • Average Time Spent per Reader  = Average number of minutes readers spend with a specific issue across reading sessions
  • Average Time Spent per Digital Edition Ad = Average number of seconds/minutes digital-only readers spend with specific ads

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