2 Million Monthly Players Compete for Huge Virtual Prizes

SEATTLE, July 19, 2011 – Double Down Interactive, a casual games developer of the world’s largest virtual casino, has set another precedent in the marketplace with the introduction of Social Slot Tournaments at the DoubleDown Casino™ found on Facebook.

“Over the last year, millions of social gamers have been playing our slot games for opportunities to win big against the house. Now, with the release of multiplayer slot tournaments, we are giving users opportunities to compete against one another for huge payouts,” said Greg Enell, CEO and co-founder of Double Down Interactive.

The Social Slot Tournaments are available on all 10 of the slot machines at the DoubleDown Casino, with each tournament pitting 100 players against each other to place in the top 10 and collect virtual currency prizes.

The real-time competitive environment of the games is heightened by an ever-changing leaderboard, indicating the top players in the current tournament, and more importantly, the players’ current ranking. In addition, players who win on three consecutive pulls of the slot will “catch fire”, thus experiencing fun sound effects and special animations while they collect a 2x bonus on the next 10 spins of the slot machine.

The tournaments are already proving very popular at the DoubleDown Casino, with more than 10,000 unique slot tournaments per day.

“Slots are normally played alone, but with our tournaments, the slot game suddenly becomes a 100 person multiplayer experience, with users spinning away while they watch the leaderboard and hope to catch fire for an opportunity to place in the top 10 and collect the big prizes,” Enell added. “In the end, it makes slot play competitive, thrilling and different from any other online slot play experience available on Facebook and we are proud to be the first to offer this online feature.”

Slot tournaments are easy to find on our home page at http://apps.facebook.com/doubledowncasino

About Double Down Interactive, LLC

Double Down Interactive is the leading provider of “fun to play” casino games on the Internet. With 50 years of combined experience in online games, the leadership team is committed to providing consumers an online casino experience that is unrivaled by anything else available online. Anyone can play at the DoubleDown Casino by visiting http://apps.facebook.com/doubledowncasino/ or at www.doubledowncasino.com Double Down Interactive is based in Seattle, Washington.


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"DoubleDown Casino Launches The World’s First Social Slot Tournaments on Facebook" by @ShellyPalmer

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