Shelly Palmer Radio Report – July 5, 2011

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Microsoft recently announced a partnership with the largest Chinese search engine Baidu. English search terms have grown in popularity in China and Baidu will utilize Microsoft’s Bing. The English results will still be subject to censorship by the Chinese government, which is why Google pulled its search from Beijing. In other news, only two months ago, the World Health Organization announced a potential link between cellphone use and cancer. Now, a new study shows there’s a lack of proof that a phone’s radio signal can trigger tumors. There is still some uncertainty in the scientific community, but more and more evidence is disproving the hypothesis. And finally, AT&T is finally offering its standard mobile insurance for iPhones. At $4.99 a month, the plan covers accidental damage including breaking the phone’s glass. While the deductible is $125 for the most expensive iPhone, that’s still plenty cheaper than getting it replaced.

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