Shelly Palmer

“You Have to be Different to be Better”

Quotation from Amar Gopal Bose
Inventor of Bose speaker technonolgy
Founder of Bose Corporation

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This great quote was included in an email by Herman Sperling, a fellow MENG member, a marketer of all things audio, a former Bose employee, and an audiophile.

The difference that Amar Bose emphasized was focused on his great products.

You also should apply this idea to your career. You have to be different than your peers for your career to be successful when judged by climbing the pyramid and shortening time gaps between jobs.

If you present yourself as generically excellent, you are no better than your unknown competitors.  Good luck, but the math indicates that the likelihood of your getting the job is almost as poor as winning the lottery.

It goes without saying (at least I hope so) that most resumes submitted for a job posting include the necessary credentials that an applicant needs to do the job. So, what is going to make a screener select your resume that’s in that electronic pile of 30 to 300 to 3,000 resumes?

Look at your resume as ask yourself:

I’m not talking about being different to be different.  It’s a lot more than style.

The difference is your position…your story.

How do you communicate that you are the single best person in the entire world to help the hiring manager not only survive but also succeed?

I’ve reviewed resumes that separate and elevate executives from their competition, although a discouraging small percentage do this well.

Job seekers need to stake out a territory that they own and then prove it.

Then you need to build your entire selling story around this differentiated position that makes you better.

With today’s economy, no company needs to hire a merely competent executive who can do the job. They are searching for the unique person to make them successful.

You can be the perfect promotion or hire if you differentiate yourself and sell how you are different and therefore better for your boss or the hiring manager.