Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – February 16, 2012

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After uproar from privacy-concerned users, Apple now requires apps to explicitly tell you when it accesses your address book. Guess what? When an app like Twitter or Facebook asks if you’d like it to find your friends using your address book, that’s where it gets the contact information. It’s not magic. In other news, the Fair Labor Association began its investigation into the working conditions at Foxconn’s factory in Shenzen, China, where many Apple products are made. The initial report says that working conditions are quote, way, way above average of the norm. The bad news? What’s considered “the norm.” And finally, the FCC approved rules that will hopefully put an end to receive unwanted robocalls. Companies will be required to get your written approval before calling you with unwanted offers. Unfortunately, political campaigns and debt collectors are free to call away.