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NASA’s new Mars rover, Curiosity, has finally landed on the red planet, after over 14 years of planning. The project, which cost 2.5 billion dollars, had seen years of launch delays and problems with funding. But landing on Mars is no easy task. Many previous missions have failed and the United States is the only country to successfully land on Mars, save for one Russian rover that suffered a communication failure shortly after landing. Take that NASA critics! Curiosity is equipped with the most complex laboratory that’s ever been sent to another planet. Its first task is to raise its instruments, including an antenna, cameras, a rock vaporizing laser. Once the cameras are raised, it will begin taking panoramic shots of its surroundings. Soon after, it will take its first drive and in September, it will begin collecting soil and drilling into rock in hopes of finding the answer to the question on everyone’s mind: has there ever been life on Mars?

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