Bluelounge Sumo
Bluelounge Sumo
Bluelounge Sumo

Time to sync your mobile device.  Where’s the cable – Ugh … behind the desk, of course.  Happens all the time, but it doesn’t have to. Welcome to bluelounge, an awesome company that has just the right product to keep your cables neatly in place. It’s called the Sumo, and it’s only 12 bucks. The Sumo is a cable management tool you place on your desk to prevent cables from dropping off the edge. It’s a sleek paperweight with micro-suction pads on the bottom that stays where you put it.

The Sumo not only does its job, it also looks like a art piece, that because Bluelounge is an international, award-winning design studio. Its products are aimed at customers who want what it calls “relevant an honest” solutions, but are always created with sleek design in mind.

What else does bluelounge make? Maybe a  better question would be: what else bothers you? How about a tangled mess of cables? Solved, in their CableBox Mini or CableClip. Excess cables? They’ve got an answer in the Cableyoyo. Wanna prop up your smartphone or tablet? Check out their Milo or Nest gadgets. Bluelounge also has a bunch of cool and unique chargers, as well as other practical stuff, like bags and covers.

Stop fretting the little things. Check out Bluelounge and figure out how you could make your tech life cleaner, simpler and more aesthetically pleasing.

LVCC, North Hall – 4022

35 N. Arroyo Parkway
Suite 250
Pasadena, CA 91103
United States of America
P: 626 564 2802
F: 626 628 3287

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