Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – November 7, 2012

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One of the hottest recent trends in entertainment tech is second-screen viewing. Whether you’re watching The Walking Dead with AMC’s Story Sync or checking into GetGlue while watching 30 Rock, chances are you’ve at least tinkered with your tablet or phone at one point or another when watching TV. Microsoft has thrown its hat in the ring with Xbox Smartglass, which launched on iOS yesterday after already being available on Windows Phone and Android 4.0 and up. So what is Smartglass and why is it so cool? It lets you control your Xbox from the mobile devices you already have, like your iPhone or Android tablet. You can browse Internet Explorer on your Xbox, control Netflix and even have extra features added to your games, like a virtual map in Forza Horizon. Considering Xbox 360s are more commonly found in living rooms now than set-top cable boxes, this seems like a logical next step for Microsoft to dominate the home market.