Grand Care Systems

Grand Care Systems

Grand Care Systems

You might think the best use of home automation and monitoring is to create a “home of the future.”  I disagree, one of the best uses for home automation and monitoring systems is to help people who need assistance live their lives independently and safely while being fully connected to the outside world.  Welcome to GrandCare. A company that combines tele-health assessment, ADL (activity of daily living) monitoring, medication management, video chat, smart home automation, virtual communications and social networking for all ages into one easy, flexible and comprehensive solution!

The GrandCare System begins with a touchscreen PC (no mouse or keyboard) along with sensors in the Resident’s home. Typically placed in a high-traffic area, GrandCare quietly listens to the activity and wellness sensors while providing a simple, intuitive interface (interactive touch and non-interactive TV versions available) for the Resident to receive social interactions from family, keep up with current events, play games, and receive cognitive prompts throughout the day. Using a standard Internet browser, remote Caregivers can go online to view activities, monitor vitals, send messages and designate rules as to when and how they’d like to be alerted about unusual activity in the residence.

GrandCare not only benefits those being assisted by providing additional help, but also by opening up a channel for both sides to share pictures, messages, emails and more back and forth.  GrandCare is available for the home and for facilities, so whether you want to take care of your great aunt next door or a whole facility full of those in need, GrandCare has a solution for you. The best part of all? GrandCare requires no computer experience. The system is designed so that anyone can quickly learn to use the system.

Grand Care Systems
LVCC, South Hall 2 – 26629

327 N Main Street
Lower Riverside
West Bend, WI 53095
United States of America
P: 262-338-6147
F: 262-353-9401

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