Entering the Shift Age

It was an honor to be part of Sarasota TEDx 12-12-12. The theme of the event was “Creativity Matters.” Throughout the day, creativity was manifested by talks, performances and creative interactions. Held in the Ringling Museum and the historic Asolo Theater it was a wonderful event.

The talk I gave at the end of the day was entitled “The Concept of Place Has Changed Forever.” You can view it embedded below, here on YouTube or go to my web site and click on it under “Recent Highlights.”

The Concept of Place Has Changed Forever is one of the Five Contexts of the Shift Age. The Five Contexts of the Shift Age are:

  • The Earth Century
  • Retrofitting the 20th Century
  • The Concept of Place Has Changed Forever
  • Biology and Technology Merge
  • An Evolutionary Shift in Consciousness

Entering the Shift AgeAny aspect of the future in the Shift Age – education, energy, communication, medicine and health care, technology, the arts, anything – will, to some degree, be viewed through one of these contexts. I will write a column on each one in the weeks ahead.

All of them are fully introduced in my new book “Entering the Shift Age.” If you want to immediately read about these Five Contexts, you can download the mini-eBook about them here.

Since the early days of this blog seven years ago, I have said that while the true cliché of the Information Age was “content is king,” the true cliché of the Shift Age is “context is king.” Understanding the contexts that will shape our lives, our thinking and our future will help us all to navigate the next 15-30 years.

I will write about this context here in the future. For now, I hope you enjoy the video and perhaps the mini-eBook.

About David Houle

Called "America's Leading Futurist" David has authored four books,  including the Amazon #1 best seller "Entering the Shift Age".  He has delivered 500+ speeches  on all six continents and twelve countries and regularly leads corporate retreats about envisioning the future.  His web sites are www.davidhoule.comwww.evolutionshift.com and www.futurewow.com.  His email is david@davidhoule.com

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"The Concept of Place Has Changed Forever – My TEDx Talk" by @ShellyPalmer

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