Wii Fit Balance Board

Wii Fit Balance BoardLooking to add an intelligent scale to your home? You may already have one and not even know it. Nintendo’s Wii Fit Balance Board can measure your weight, in addition to being used for sports games and exercise apps on the Wii console. The MoDaCo blog notes a free Android app called FitScales taps into Nintendo’s accessory without wires, enabling you to use the device as a smart scale. After installing the app and providing it with your height, you can sync your Android with the Balance Board and then stand on it to have your weight captured. Thanks to the wireless connection, your weight will appear on your phone. Even better: FitScales uses the available APIs to send your weight data to either your FitBit (see disclosure) or RunKeeper account, just like a traditional web-connected scale would do.

Read the full story at Giga OM.

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