Xbox One

Xbox OneYes, the new Xbox One is highly covetable for many reasons. But once you get past the games and the TV integration and the rumbling controllers, you finally land on what might be its most useful purpose: The world’s most sophisticated workout gadget. The Xbox is already a decent workout aid; last year we spent some time playing with Nike+ Kinect Training for the Xbox 360, and came away duly impressed. But the Xbox One with the Kinect 2 is going to blow it out of the water. It’s improved in just about every way imaginable, and that’s going to make it amazing for exercise. Here are just a few of the benefits coming this year. The optical sensors on the Kinect 2 are so strong that they can see your pulse. Hell, they can see your pulse in the dark, thanks to the infrared cameras it uses. As long as the Kinect 2 can see your face, it should be able to work as a medical oximeter does.

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