Google Fiber

Google FiberGoogle Fiber is certainly one of Google’s more audacious experiments and it’s now becoming clearer what the company’s long-term strategy is with its high-speed fiber Internet and television service. Barron’s points us to a new research note from Evercore Partners analyst Ken Sena, who just got back from seeing Google Fiber in action in Kansas City and who says that Google’s long-term goal with the service is to make television more of a web-based experience. Specifically, Sena says that Google Fiber is “migrating more TV viewing and online behavior into Google’s cloud, and paving the way for YouTube, Google Play and other Google experiences to become a bigger part of the TV home viewing experience, even outside of fiber-deployed areas.” In other words, it seems as though Google sees live television becoming just another web application going forward.

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"Google Fiber’s Ultimate Goal? Make TV a Web-Based Experience" by @ShellyPalmer

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