Home Security 2k13

Home Security 2k13

The home security advent is upon us. Homes with alarm systems will increase by 64 percent in the next five years, according to 10news.com. Whether this is due to people paying more attention to crime rates, more affordable prices or the fact that families are just too busy to keep an eye out all the time, we cannot say. However, the newest trends in security systems make this an excellent time to see what’s available.

Smartphone and Tablet Surveillance

You might not have an expensive camera system, but chances are that you do have a smartphone or tablet. For less than $5, your iPhone can become a powerful security tool, allowing you to see into your child’s bedroom or your trophy room. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to use it with multiple devices.

Unlock Your Door with Your Phone

What is even more frustrating than struggling to find and then insert your key to your home? How about coming home to discover someone has bypassed your lock altogether and made off with your big-screen TV? If your door has a typical deadbolt, you can add Lockitron and use any smartphone to lock/unlock your door. What’s even better is that you can unlock your door via Bluetooth with your iPhone and lock it again from anywhere.

Control Your Environment

Alarm systems are only good for one thing, right. Wrong! ADT is among the companies that now offer remote-controllable thermostats that work with your computer or tablet. Of course, the company advertises how you need to keep some rooms cool and dry, but it can help cut bills, as well.

True Wireless

A system isn’t truly wireless if people are cutting down and making holes in your walls. Fortunately, wireless in today’s world is actually just that: using tech similar to your Wi-Fi network, which connect all the sensors to a central hub.

Entertainment, Meet Security

If you’re looking to have a company install your alarm system, you might have noticed that many of those companies also offer home theater systems. The same plasma that you enjoy your favorite basketball team on can also show you if anyone’s lurking outside your garage.

You might think these advancements are out of your price range, but a new trend in home security may fit the bill. DIY security offers many professional-grade security features at a fraction of the cost of conventional providers. Security companies have to drop prices to stay relevant with DIY security options, according to SecurityCompanies.com, and apps that are now available for your smartphone and tablet. With options available, now is the time to reinforce your home before summer vacation.

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