Brandon Carr

Brandon CarrSome men are desperate to be at the birth of their child. Whisper it quietly, but there are some who are happy to miss it. Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr is not one of the latter. He knew his fiancee was going to give birth soon. But births are like the long bomb in the NFL. You never quite know when they’re coming at you. As it happened, she went into labor quite suddenly. Carr rushed to be with her, but realized he wouldn’t get there in time. He flew from LAX to Dallas, but, once at the airport, he knew he would be too late. So what did he do? He whipped out his iPhone. Or, as ESPN describes it, his telephone. Thanks to the glories of FaceTime, he was able to watch as his son Austin entered the world. Perhaps you, like I, are wondering who held an iPhone in the delivery room so that Carr could observe the action. This doesn’t seem clear.

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"Dallas Cowboys Player Uses FaceTime to Watch Son’s Birth" by @ShellyPalmer

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