Apple TV

Apple TVApple has re-issued the 6.0 update for Apple TV devices it released last week, after the original version’s many problems including slow downloads, library loss and even some apparent bricking led the company to pull it from servers. The update is back live now, with new features including access to the iTunes Music Store for actually purchasing tracks and albums from your device, and iTunes Radio, Apple’s new free streaming online music service. Other new features included in the update are AirPlay from iCloud, which allows you to playback videos on your Apple TV that are stored in your iCloud purchase history direct to the device via streaming, without requiring it to reside locally on either (that needs to be turned on in settings). There’s also the addition of iCloud Photos and Videos, which essentially just rebrands Photo Stream, access to Podcasts and Podcast Stations, and a new conference room mode.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

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