iMessageIf there’s one thing to be learned from Apple’s mobile services, it’s that they’ll almost certainly never be supported on rival platforms. However, that doesn’t stop third-party developers from engineering their own techniques in order to break into Apple’s walled garden. A case in point: Android developer Daniel Zweigart, who recently launched a Google Play app called iMessage Chat, providing users of Google’s mobile OS with a way to communicate with iOS and Mac OS device owners via Apple’s proprietary messaging protocol. Some have reported problems getting the app to run, while others claim it works as advertised — and Zweigart has even gone to the trouble of emulating Apple’s old iOS 6 user interface to make them feel right at home. You might think that it sounds too good to be true, and you could be right. In order to deliver the features it claims, iMessage Chat, of course, requires a working Apple ID.

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