One of the best parts of Android is Google Now, the world’s best task manager. One of Apple’s most innovative features in recent years has been Siri. So what does Microsoft have up its sleeve to compete? Meet Cortana, a Halo-inspired personal assistant, coming… eventually… to Windows Phone. As Windows Phone moves toward its “Blue” release in the early part of next year, major upgrades and improvements are expected to hit the platform, and Cortana would fit right into this plan. Cortana would be able to learn from and adapt to your behaviors, and it’s rumored that Cortana will be more than just a personal assistant – reports say it’s a key element to the makeover of the entire “shell” of the Windows platform, which means we may see it on Xbox, Surface and PC, too. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has hinted at a unified “service-enabled shell,” but neither he nor Microsoft has announced anything officially. As Windows Blue nears, expect to hear far more about Cortana and other upgrades to Windows Phone.

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