AirbnbWhile Airbnb continues to grow around the world, it’s run into some pushback in certain areas. One of those areas has been New York City, where last summer it saw one of its members fined for violating the city’s hotel laws. (It eventually won that case.) In a blog post this morning, co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky laid out some of the things that the company is willing to do to get into the good graces of regulators and lawmakers in that market. Airbnb is working hard to get regulators to better understand and embrace its peer-to-peer housing marketplace not as a hotel replacement or alternative, but as a community of regular folks who share their homes — many of whom are doing so to help pay the bills. It’s released numerous studies along the way that illustrate that point in various cities, while also underlying the economic impact of its marketplace to different areas.

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"Airbnb to Work With NYC to Clean Up Its Service" by @ShellyPalmer

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