InstagramWith the advent of Instagram Direct, a new feature from the photo-sharing platform that allows you to send photos to a select group of people, comes a lot of responsibility. Is there anything that strikes more fear in the heart than the idea that you may have sent a photo to an unintended recipient?  Well, breathe easy; there’s a way to take back an Instagram Direct photo message you didn’t mean to send. But you have to think fast. Here’s how it works: I took a photo of the New York Rangers celebrating a 4-3 shootout victory against the Calgary Flames at Madison Square Garden last night, so I went to send it to my brother via Instagram Direct. I changed my mind after I clicked send, so I immediately clicked the ellipses. It gave me the option to delete the photo. I confirmed (quickly) that, yes, I wanted to delete the post, making it unavailable to my brother.

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"How to Unsend Instagram Direct Messages" by @ShellyPalmer

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