WhatsAppThe App Store’s increasingly competitive nature may mean that only a minuscule number of apps (0.01% by 2018) become financial successes, but that hasn’t slowed down growth, either in number of applications available, or their usage. According to new data released by Flurry Analytics on Monday morning, overall app usage in 2013 saw 115% year-over-year growth, with Messaging apps showing the most dramatic growth, up 203% year-over-year. The rise of messaging apps was one of the most telling stories about the changing mobile application in 2013, signaling, perhaps, a slight shift away from more public social media services like Facebook, as a younger generation of smartphone users begin to have an impact on the overall ecosystem. For many of today’s teens and young adults, their lives have been plastered all over social media (thanks, mom) since they were born.

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"Messaging Apps Grew 203% in 2013, More Than All Other App Categories" by @ShellyPalmer

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