Amazon spent much of last year focusing on original content, and is now looking to help those involved in the process of creating movies and TV. The site recently launched Amazon Storybuilder, which lets you manage ideas with virtual post-it notes and a corkboard. If you’ve ever seen a screenwriter’s workspace when they’re planning a script, you have a sense of how messy and chaotic it can get. Storybuilder looks to tidy up the papers strewn across your floor by digitizing the entire process. Its homepage shows all of your notes, and lets you separate them into different groups, perfect for breaking down your thoughts into scenes or acts. Storybuilder ties right into Amazon Storyteller, which launched in June and lets would-be filmmakers and screenwriters translate their scripts into full storyboards with characters and dialogue. Both Storybuilder and Storyteller are free to use, and can be accessed by heading over to When your next script wins Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars, don’t forget to thank Amazon!

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