QplayBefore it became de rigueur for cable companies to offer subscribers heaps of video on demand, it was TiVo that started breaking down the hegemony of TV programming, giving viewers the chance to control what, when, and how they watched. Now, with a new venture called Qplay, the guys who founded TiVo are trying to upend our viewing habits once again. The basic idea? Make web video from YouTube to Netflix and beyond more like good ole TV by letting viewers curate it into custom channels. Qplay, which is available today for $49 in a sort of quasi-beta early adopter release, is made up of a small Android-powered adapter for your TV, a cloud service for juggling content, and an iPad app for controlling it all. The whole thing is based around “Qs,” or video playlists that get populated with clips from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sources around the web.

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"Qplay, from TiVo’s Co-Founders, Re-Imagines Internet TV" by @ShellyPalmer

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