Spike Aereospace S-512

Spike Aereospace S-512

We have seen the future of flight — and it does not include windows. The latest idea for a supersonic business jet from Spike Aerospace involves replacing cabin portholes with windowless display screens showing a fake view. Claustrophobes, take note. “Cameras surrounding the entire aircraft will construct breathtaking panoramic views displayed on the cabin screens,” Vik Kachoria, president of the Boston-based company, wrote in a blog post. Passengers would be able to change the image or dim the screen to sleep — assuming the gizmo always works. As the company points out, getting rid of windows solves a pesky design problem of supersonic flight: Windows slow things down and add to the weight of the plane. For a jet meant to cut flight time in half, “The very smooth exterior skin will reduce the drag normally caused by having windows,” Kachoria noted.

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"Planned Spike Aerospace Jet Will Fly at 1,100 MPH, Replace Windows With Panoramic Screens" by @ShellyPalmer

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